29 JUN 2019 – Plan of the Day

LTJG Arnold Tooma, NSCC
Commanding Officer, Hudson Valley Squadron and Training Ship WIRE

ENS George Albertson, NSCC
Executive Officer, Hudson Valley Squadron

Uniform of the Day
Officers: Khakis/NWU’s/Coveralls
Instructors: Alternative Sea Cadet Uniform/Proper Civilian Attire

Sea Cadets: NWU’s
League Cadets: NWU’s

Drill Location (DO NOT Send Mail to this Address)
NY State Laborers Local 17 Training Center

451 A Little Britain Road
Newburgh, New York

All hands are responsible for reading and understanding the plan of the day, which contains both official and unofficial matter.  All personnel are responsible for having knowledge of its contents and for obeying any orders contained herein.  All orders will be considered as issued by the Commanding Officer.

0800    Staff/Cadet Command Report (Officers, CPOs, LPO, ALPO, CGC & MAA)

0830    Cadets Arrive and Report

0900    Post Colors, Muster, and Report

0930    PT and Military Drill for Hudson Valley Squadron and Training Ship Wire Cadets – Final PRT Testing

0930    Officers Call – Review POD, Training, Uniforms and Current Activities/Trips

1000    Squad Leaders Squad Meetings & Color Guard Captain Meeting with Division Officer

1030    Final Review (All Cadet in the Classroom)

  • Final Summer Training Paperwork, and Payments
  • Recruit (RT) and Advance Training – Final review of RT Sea Bag
  • Sponsorship Commitments Funds
  • Coursework Assignments
  • Dress White Uniforms / Other Uniforms Distribution
  • Final review Battleship Cove and The Submarine Force Library & Museum Overnight
  • Review upcoming summer fundraiser/recruiting events
  • All Report Cards are due for each cadet – any cadet not submitting or emailing his/her Report Card by 29 JUN 19 will delay any promotion or awards that are forthcoming.

1235    Clean Drill Hall and Training Area

1245    Retire Colors

1300    Secure from Drill

Muster Definition:
The term muster means the process or event of accounting for members in a military unit.  This practice of inspections led to the coining of the English idiom pass muster, meaning being sufficient. When a unit is created, it is “mustered in” and when it is disbanded, it is “mustered out”.

BMR Requirements:
All cadets attending NSCC Recruit Training (RT) must complete their BMR prior to attending Recruiter Training. Cadets that complete their entire BMR prior to RT will be promoted to E-2 upon successful completion and graduation of RT.

Seaman & Airman Manuals:
Cadets that elect to complete the Seaman Manual will be a Seaman. Cadets that elect to complete the Airman Manual will be an Airman.

All cadets are to have their NSCC ID Cards with them at all times.

Each cadet is responsible for notifying their chain of command if they are unable to attend a drill. Authorized absences will be given for school, work or family conflicts.  By not notifying your chain of command you will receive an unauthorized absence.

All hands are to bring a bag lunch with beverage, PT gear, towel, military courses, water bottle, pen and notebook to drill.  Cadets not having these items may be required to buy them at their own expense.

Cadets are reminded that talking, skylarking (horseplay), hazing or other disturbances will not be tolerated.  Any cadet found violating this policy will be given Extra Military Instruction (EMI) or sent home depending on the frequency and/or severity of the disturbance.

Any cadet who is taking prescription drugs must check in with the medical officer.  Your medication will be locked up in a secure area.  Cadets will not be allowed to give themselves any type of medication.  There must be clear information on your medication container:

1) Clear instructions and in original container
2) Correct label with cadet’s name on it.
3) Exact dosage and times when to be administered

LTJG Arnold Tooma, NSCC
Commanding Officer
Hudson Valley Squadron